Selection Epitact


EPITACT®, the podiatry care specialists, offer a wide range of products, ranging from protection, correction & supports for the feethands and knees.

Our products have been developed using innovative technologies and our patented silicone gel which guarantees comfort and provides effective pain relief for the hands, feet and knees.  The products in our range provide solutions which prevent, sooth and treat; plantar pain, blisters, corns, plantar calluses, bunions, black toenailsthumb pain and knee pain.

As well as looking after the appearance of our feet we also need to look after the health of our feet, which can be sometimes neglected. Our feet support the weight of our whole body for long periods of time and are sometimes in pain when wearing unsuitable footwear. A common problem is when wearing high heels, which make our feet more vulnerable to foot disorders and pain and preventing this is our main concern. Our patented products offer a targeted and effective pain relief solution, which also support, correct and protect.  All of our foot care products are available online and soon in street pharmacies.