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A French brand based in the South-East of France, Millet Innovation develops, produces and markets, through the brand EPITACT®, products which are perfectly suited to your needs in terms of efficacy, quality and lifespan. To do this, Millet sets itself the high standards; during the R&D stage, manufacturing process, and even in its relationships with clients.

Research and development

Product development and having a understanding of the disorders people have are of the highest importance at with the company. Millet Innovation have mastered the use of silicones and know how to incorporate them into technical fabrics through innovative processes. This results in highly differentiated products that constitute intellectual property: meaning the company various patents, to protect our products.


The manufacturing of the silicone components and incorporation into the fabrics takes place in our factory in Loriol (France), using special machines that have been developed in-house and are dedicated to the technologies that have resulted from our research at Millet Innovation. The sewing stage is carried out by our subsidiary in Tunisia. Millet Innovation is therefore in control of the entire production chain from the raw materials to the finished product, and this means that we can monitor and guarantee the quality of the articles that we sell.

Client relationships

Sold in high-street pharmacies and on the web, the brand EPITACT® aims to offer its clients a specialised and high quality service. Therefore, we are best placed to advise you and the sales teams to make sure everyone knows how our products function.

Countless people are already benefiting from the comfort and protection of the EPITACT® range. Join them…